Executive & High Potential Leader Coaching

At Enelra, we help great leaders get even better. Coaching can accelerate a leader’s self-awareness, development, and action; resulting in a more positive impact on their goals, teams, and organization.

Leadership Transition Coaching

Transitions can be tough. Coaching can help. Transition Coaching is designed to help leaders who have recently moved into new roles or levels within the organization. The goal is to help the leader accelerate their onboarding, avoid missteps, and deliver positive impact throughout the transition.

Performance Improvement Coaching

Even great leaders can face challenging situations and scenarios. Performance Improvement coaching is designed for a leader who is not achieving the desired level of performance. This type of coaching involves a deeper partnership with the manager and HR partner to provide the support needed to move performance and confidence in the right direction.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching is a creative process designed to help an individual identify the Why, What, How, and Now of career planning.  At the end of the process, the coachee will have greater clarity on what career success means to them and how he or she can take the steps needed to achieve it; in a way that is consistent with their values and motivations. 

Team Coaching

Team coaching is designed to help a team become more effective in identify and achieving its highest aspirations and goals.  These engagements are custom designed to meet the unique needs of the team.  Potential components include assessments, interviews, team learning sessions, team coaching, feedback, and debriefs. 

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