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Want more success? Get proactive.

I often hear this question... What can I do to be more successful? The easy answer is be more proactive. Take personal responsibility for your success and anticipate the obstacles that will get in the way. In today's business world it seems trendy to find a sponsor to help you along your career path. Now don't get me wrong, it can help to have someone advocating for you, but believing that you need a sponsor to get where you want to go can be a trap. Being proactive in building your skills, improving your relationships, taking risks, and making decisions that align with your goals, can prepare you for career-defining opportunities.

Being proactive is embracing change rather than trying to defend against it. It is a more forward stance and is about leaning in, when you could lean out. Being present, when you could be absent. Helping the change progress, versus watching it fail or waiting for it to go away.

Changes we can't control are especially challenging. If you're in that situation, be proactive by seeking to understand the change before deciding if it will or won't work. Focus on maintaining a positive attitude and use the change as an opportunity to contribute at a higher level. If you can be seen as a positive influence in the room, others will notice. Sure, there will always be concerns or maybe even anxiety around a change initiative or new process in your organization. It's natural to wonder ‘how does this affect me?’ But instead of worrying about what might go wrong, try to consider what might go right. How could this change work for me? Is this change something that can help me reach my goals sooner? Stay positive and focus on creating the future.

Don't sit on the sidelines. Take an active role in your life and future. When you are proactive and choose to play the game you might lose some, but you will learn from your experiences and win much more. Let’s start winning today!

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