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Our team exists to help organizations leverage the best in science and organizational wisdom to grow their business through improved people, team, and organization capabilities. To bring the vision and mission to life, we operate with a core set of values:

  • We offer scientific and data-based solutions that work. 

  • We offer elegant solutions – simple intelligence – to complex problems. 

  • We believe in abundance and give away 10% of our time every month to passion projects that serve others. 

  • We assist our clients in delivering the purpose and people side of their business in a way that drives their business strategy.

  • We work with our clients in a defined engagement model so that working with us is easy. 

TEAM BIOS ((get to know our team)

Learn More About How We Can Help You

Enelra Talent Solutions is ready to walk you through proven strategies for growing your people and your business. We take your desired outcome and couple them with tailored solutions to give you truly personalized results.

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