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Three Lessons on Launching

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to launch a number of new projects and I was reflecting on a few of my lessons learned when launching something new. I hope you’ll find them helpful when you find yourself in new territory!

1. It’s exciting AND scary. Research has shown that the two emotions that accompany almost anything new are excitement…and fear. They’re so common that I’ve almost come to expect them. If you’re feeling those emotions, you’re not alone! But as Joyce Meyer said, ‘do it afraid’ if you have to. Just make sure you do it.

2. Phone a Friend! When I decided I was really going to create the podcast, I talked to friends who had already done the same. Not only did they give me ideas, advice, and watch-outs, they gave me their contacts! And one of those contacts is now helping me as my podcast manager. Meet Samantha! Spending time with others who have done what you want to do is motivational and oh so helpful.

3. Baby Step to Greatness. I had a time on the calendar to record the second video for the podcast. Prior to the recording time, I was meeting with my A/V expert (Meet Darius and his business!) and I suggested we push it back so I could get more prepared. He saw my procrastination for what it was (fear!) and said, “No, we can go ahead and record it – we can always get better along the way.” It is so easy to push things back waiting for an unrealistic perfection. Instead, baby step your way to greatness. A lot of the lessons won’t come until you do it anyway.

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